botdreams The best digital companions for travelers and tourists


Our branded products are designed to engage users in the so-called conversational commerce (c-commerce), providing the next generation of e-commerce experience for the travel and hospitality industry.

They communicate with customers through text-based channels (messaging apps) such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Slack, Twitter and Skype, and voice-based channels (digital assistants) such as Alexa (Amazon Echo) and Google Assistant (Google Home).


We are a young AI (Artificial Intelligence) startup with the vision of a future where ubiquitous intelligent conversational agents become the best companion for travelers and tourists during their trip.

In our team, we include experts in knowledge representation, adaptive systems, deep learning and reinforcement learning, working to develop tourism-specific reusable cognitive capabilitites for building personal virtual assistants.

Our mission is to help tourist destinations spotlight and protect their cultural and natural heritage by enhancing and strengthening their relationship with the tourist.

We partner with tourism-related brands to provide travelers and tourists with the most complete and satisfactory experiences in destination, bridging gaps and removing friction between brands, customers and destinations in innovative ways through c-commerce.

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